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2020 Report on Aging

We are in the golden age of aging.  By the year 2030, 20% of the US population will be 65 or older. This major demographic shift represents a sea change that we can feel in every corner. Where and how people will choose to spend the later years of their lives. Changing expectations for retirement. Workplace dynamics.

Until recently, relatively little innovation has gone into addressing the unique challenges of late life. But today, new companies are rising and using technology to meet the needs of this large and economically attractive demographic group.

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What should you know about the aging consumer?

We surveyed over 500 people age 55-70 to find out what they want as they age, how they use technology, and how they expect to live as they get older.

Gray New World - 2020 Report on Aging

What is the #1 life concern of people age 55-70 today?

Discover the thing that is 'top of mind' for aging adults as they get older and how they're already using technology to address their most important needs at this stage of life.

Gray New World - 2020 Report on Aging

Why are so many older people delaying retirement and what will they do instead?

Nearly 10,000 Baby Boomers reach retirement age every day, but many of them don't plan on retiring at age 65. What is the future of work for people 65+?

Gray New World - 2020 Report on Aging

Can a billion dollar business be built on the aging market?

Aging-related categories will experience tremendous growth over the next several years.

We explored several investment themes that will go beyond today's Boomers and become valuable growth markets  for years to come.


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Modern aging is doing it where and how you choose

'Aging in place’ or aging while living in your own home instead of a senior care facility has become the preference as much for independence as for financial stability. How and where are seniors choosing to age today?

This generation spends more than any other

When it comes to shopping online, Boomers are the big spenders, spending on average $203 per transaction, more than any other generation, including Millennials. Learn where the opportunities to serve this high-spending demographic lie and how they're approaching their financial future.

The multi-generational workforce is the future of work

Even as record numbers of people turn 65 and reach retirement age every day, they are blowing past that milestone and remaining in the workforce. This has created a unique situation where retirement and near-retirement age workers remain employed and sometimes seek employment right alongside Gen X, Millennial, and Gen Z professionals. 

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